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Welcome to the site of ptsamail.com – a service that assists in the electronic promotion of your organization!

HereToHost, LLC provides the service, ptsamail.com, as an offering to make your e-communication tools a one-stop shop. There is no reason for you to spend extra time and energy making multiple contacts to control your e-communication. Just sign-up with ptsamail.com as we provide a packaged service with blog, Elist manager, Email manager, and web calendar.

Volunteers need a streamlined process to get their goals accomplished.  You can achieve excellent e-communication by establishing your web presence through website hosting, elist and email management, and a fantastic web calendar using one source of contact, ptsamail.com. Easy web interfaces allow you to administer your e-communication no matter where you may be physically. All you need is an internet connection! We also assist in budgeting by offering specials to help in your budgeting.

Don’t let our name, ptsamail.com, keep you from taking a serious look at how to improve your e-communication. We work with other organizations outside of schools system arena to provide the tools necessary to carry your business or organization forward. Our services provide great web tools for any business. Your own domain is the best promotion for branding your business. Be creative or hire us to assist in the creative arena to make your business or organization stand out!

HereToHost, LLC will get your branding started with electronic communication services. This year our service upgraded its Elist Manager Service to include the ability to sub-assign a list from your mutiple list creation. This enables an organization’s committee chair(s) to have access to the volunteer list to send email communication directly to those on their specific list. However, the main administrator still retains overall control of the Elist Manager and has an archive record of all communications.

Our Multiple Elist allows you to create a multiple volunteer form for your website so anyone can volunteer online. The web-based service allows you the flexibility of administering your communications wherever you have internet access. You are no longer restricted to a particular PC and location!

Another feature is the ability of your organization to have its web presence – a blog. Blogs provide easier administration for your communication. The content structure uses “Pages” for static information  and “Categories” for dynamic information. Some subscribers may wish to receive their updates through the RSS feeds so as soon as you post an update, they will get it in their email. Others like a scheduled approach and  prefer weekly or perhaps monthly updates, it’s your choice. You can create the ability to encourage your audience to visit your site by marketing techniques that drive them back to your website.

Our service, ptsamail.com, is a combination of services providing various means of electronic communication to keep your home, school, and business community informed and involved. Let us help in your endeavors. Our children grow and succeed within a healthy and involved community. Let’s work together to make all our efforts the best available for the future of our children.

We thank you for your support and look forward to our members working together again this year. It takes all of us to create an efficient and effective organization. Our children need our support and involvement in their lives. Please check out your local school’s goals and see where you can volunteer and make a difference for all children.

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Best wishes to all, From the staff of ptsamail.com