About ptsamail.com

The ptsamail.com service originated from a request from a local school longing to provide its PTA organization with current news and information. The fall of 2003 began the journey of improving communication through web and emails. During the first year, our goal was to provide an elist manager service where members could register online from the website and then would receive current updates on the happening of PTA and other school news. The local unit wanted e-communication without worrying about inappropriate banner ads. Payment for the services was not a problem for the benefit of communication with less expense than “snail-mail” as well as no hassle and up-to-date news (their ultimate goal).

In the first year of business our schools defined more services to provide and streamline our packages. Our service expanded to provide space for uploading of documents and images, then came the need for web space. Volunteers have many talents but time is always in short supply. They have needs of simplicity and ease of managing their web presence. The expansion of the blog allows some minor customization with easy web maintenance by the volunteer.

Our service focuses on its customers through training and education. We are dedicated to servicing our customers. We believe in parents as much as their children. Therefore, we train the volunteers through documentation, phone and emails. Technologies expand daily and parents need continuing education as well as their children. We also have provided some group training as locations and groups of attendees are available. We working on other forms of online training as scheduling training becomes more of an issue as our parent base is very busy working and tending to family. The staff at ptsamail.com believe in its community of users and supports their involvment, purpose and mission in making our education experience for all our children the best we can possibly provide. Unity is a strong key for success!

Today, ptsamail.com services PTAs, schools, and businesses both profit and non-profit. The functionality of multiple list e-mails with unlimited sends is beneficial for many. The service continues to improve and develop. Communication involves more than one media avenue. We are going with our times to include many forms of communication. Another form of communication is clothing – try www.brandedprints.com to provide your screen print needs to promote your event or organization.

Don’t forget to support your local school through time, talent and PTA/PTO support. Your school’s success has great implications in the success of your overall community. The involvement keys below create a community worth living:

  • Support and advocate for children
  • Support parental involvement in children’s lives
  • Businesses – realize great schools equal an involved community with business future and families unity
  • Unite your efforts through group involvement and support!

Contact us for more information and start your service today!